How do I run the Azure Agent on Linux with Service Account credentials?

On my Linux-based Continuous-Build machine I have installed the Microsoft Azure Agent to have our Windows-based Azure Server deploying build jobs each night. But how can I run this Agent with the credentials of a Sercive Account, that does not allow SSH logon itself?

Currently, I set up the Agent with my own user account "user01", but later I want to run the Agent with a Service Account called "agent007". "user01" and "agent007" are both in the same group "project", which has full access to the Azure Agent installation directories.

When I call all these scripts as "user01", everything works like a charm, except for the Agent is running as "user01".

./ ./ sudo ./ install sudo ./ start 


What is the intended way to configure, install and run Microsoft Azure Agent on Linux with Service Account credentials?

Which of these scripts need to be run as "user01" or "agent007" or as group "project"?

Is there anything special to consider when switching the user that runs such an Agent? Certificates or additional permissions? Anything?

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